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ibextouch - A touchscreen as your digital showcase

Digital communication on touch displays is intuitive, easy and eye-catching.

As an information medium: Useful information about your organisation presented attractively and concisely

Thanks to our interactive displays, you address your target groups poignantly. Whether residents in a care home, guests in a hotel or destination, employees or passersby: There are virtually no limits to your creativity when it comes to content options.

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As a notice board: Update notices and messages at the touch of a button

No matter what industry you're in, last-minute information often crops up and needs to reach recipients as soon as possible and without much effort. Make changes at the touch of a button and have your content appear instantly on the touchscreen and any other connected displays.

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As a showcase: State-of-the-art digital information display

A digital eye-catcher in the entrance area, lobby or public spaces. Give your "welcome" a contemporary touch.

A digital "warm welcome". Click here for a use case in education (German version) >>

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Touchscreen - New generation

Design and functionality updates for our touchscreen

The latest generation of our popular touchscreen has a fresh new look. Content can be displayed even more clearly and attractively. New accessibility features including a magnifying glass for text enlargement and a navigation bar that can be moved to the bottom of the display make content accessible to even more users.

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Benefit 1: Intuitive handling by the user

Self-explanatory use even without prior user know-how.

What if you were able to present your information in such a manner that the display user knows what to do without the need for elaborate explanations and employees were able to input content without training?

Presentation by content type: Enjoy flexibility with different templates for different content types. Whether lists, PDFs or images, we can accommodate all formats to bring across your message with flair.

No complex design processes: Define your desired outputs based on existing applications. Enter your content and the result is a coherent and attractive digital presence that is well worth flaunting. You save time and financial resources.

Variety instead of monotony: Depending on the season or occasion, you can adapt the appearance of your touchscreen. This does not require any complex reprogramming, only a date entry and the right imagery.

Benefit 2: Time-saving and sustainable

Relieve your employees and think for the future.

How about not only relieving your employees but also saving printing and paper costs and reducing CO2?

Reduce paper use: The CO2 production of a touchscreen is on average 4.3 kg/year (estimated 12 hours of operation per day). On the other hand, one sheet of paper produces 5g. With a print volume of more than two sheets per day, a touch display is more CO2-efficient.

Free up time for the important things: Updates are made in no time and can be sent to an unlimited number of outputting displays at the touch of a button. Employees no longer have to rush around physically replacing information and can devote themselves to what is really important.

Benefit 3: The ibex product family sticks together

Establish an omnichannel presence to strengthen your digital communication.

What if your touchscreen had a mobile or TV-based twin?

Perfectly complementary: Our product family is broadly positioned to cover all bases. The interactivity of a touchscreen can be complemented by a content playlist on an infoscreen or corporate TV channel. And for 24/7 availability, everything is transferable to our pocket-size web app, ibexsmart.

Recognition through implementation of your CD/CI: Your colours, your logo, your images: Our designers take your corporate identity into account, which ensures recognition across all media.

Targeted, user-appropriate content distribution: Once entered, you are not only able to distribute your content to various displays but also control when and to whom certain content should be displayed. You’d like one publicly accessible touchscreen and one for employees only without additional effort? Our configurable settings make this possible.

ibextouch is suitable for all industries, especially for:

Nursing or care homes

Display menus, daily activities and more alongside entertainment such as a memory card game.


Orientation plans and important points of reference are clearly displayed to relieve the reception.

Hospitality & tourism

Whether webcams, weather forecasts, piste reports or excursion tips, your guests can access all information relevant to their stay.


Extend a digital welcome to residents and present official notices, community postings or touristic content.

Banks & insurances

Whether indices, exchange rates or even meeting room occupancy, display facts and figures prominently.

All industries

Our multi-functional solution offers endless possibilities. Browse our website for further inspiration.

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